• Hey to every awesome rollerblader, rollerskater and skater out there!

    We will be hosting the 2nd Annual @Worldwiderolloutday on the 11th of July at 6pm at Old Port Limassol!

    All wheels are welcome to join us? WE WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU FOR AN AMAZING RIDE ! Lets share the SKATE LOVE!!?

    Also, as you all know, there has been a catastrophic fire in Cyprus the past few days, so the United Skaters of Cyprus have decided to make this event an opportunity to help those affected by the fire

    No donation is obligatory❌

    We will be accepting donations of all kinds(ex food or money) and amounts!

    Receipts will be issued as well in order to make sure that our donations have been used appropriately


    We would love to see YOU there?

    JOIN US for an unforgettable rollout experience ?

    #cyprusskate #worldwiderolloutday #rollerblading #limassol #inlineskating #rollerdex #cypr

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Limassol, Cyprus

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