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  • Skaters, this one is for you! Yoga for Skaters is a yoga class created to open up the muscle groups we use the most in skating while building strength and stability to keep you rolling forever.

    Yoga for Skaters group classes are offered virtually, 4x/week via Zoom. Click the link and sign up for class on the website. Once you sign up you will be emailed a Zoom link for the class you signed up for.

    These 1-hour classes will get you moving! I offer modifications and progressions so that you can move at your level. If you have questions about anything we do in class, there is time at the end for questions and conversation.

    I created Yoga for Skaters so that roller skaters have a practice that compliments and supports their skating. Yoga for Skaters will help you recover after hard sessions, prevent common overuse injuries as well as improve your roller skate skills and performance so that you can experience all of the joy roller skating has to offer.

    Yoga for Skaters classes weave together everything I've learned from skating over the last 12 years with my professional experience as a personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist working in physical rehab settings that include physical therapy and chiropractic offices. That means these classes will not only help you develop the strength and flexibility you need for roller skating, but they will also help prevent common overuse injuries like strains and sprains to hamstrings, hip flexors and low back.

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