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    Elle Seven @squaregangster is the founder of Critical Medicine, a roller skater that's made it her mission to teach others, in hopes to help them find their medicine in skating as she and so many others have. Her first pair of roller skates came as a Christmas gift, but after months of asking, no one would help her learn. She finally laced up and figured out how to teach herself how to skate at just 5 years old. Her company Critical Medicine has a focus on supporting projects and skating that bring skating to people and places that need it. Elle was skating parks and bowls before many others and has found her inspiration from skateboarding and learning from roller skating legends like Duke Rennie.


    Critical Medicine has several clinics that tour throughout the U.S. and beyond. Elle's casual style is approachable to all levels and she scaffolds content for any skater based on their individual skill set. Decades of experience give Elle the eye to help her students make adjustments and learn skills quickly. Follow her on social media to see current info on clinics and locations or reach out directly to set one up.

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23 Years

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California Citrus State Historic Park, Dufferin Avenue, Riverside, CA, USA

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